Otto Akkanen
Osteopath (BA, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences)
Dance Teacher (M.A.) (Hochschule für musik und darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main)
Dancer (Outokumpu, Riveria)
Sosionomi (AMK, DIAK)

Main questions

Philosophy of teaching
All knowledge is physical (even if information is not), and thus embodied.

All knowledge is created by the “student” from the experiences and circumstances.

“Teacher” can affect the circumstances, but not the knowledge that is formed

The knowledge formed by “student” might be more “valid” than the knowledge which the “teacher” was aiming to pass on.


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As a dancer (2020)
Choreography Mirva Mäkinen.


Live streamed improvisation performance (2019)

Effets de Dansité


As a dancer (2017)
Please follow the vimeo link to see

Excerpt from improvisation in Kagoshima, Japan 2015

Everything’s the same (2006 – ongoing)

Structured improvisation, or a choreography if you will.
On past, present, future, presence, memory, identity, loss.


As a dancer, 2013
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Sleeping Patterns

As a dancer, 2011
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I Tend to Forget

To be here, always

Why do I live ?
2015 – ongoing

Kaatumalla / By fall


Song for you (2019 – ongoing)
All songs are improvisations, made within 6 minutes from topics given by people through social media. Link to the song is posted to the person who gave the topic.

Eventhough songs might later “develope” the projects aim is the one to one communication, and creating a relation through creation.

Oh death


Save my Breath (2006)

save me
Small patch of 3″ cd-r’s with individual photographs.

4 endings (2007)

music pieces originally made for the ending of the dance piece “everything’s the same”




2023: Helsinki,

2022: Helsinki, Leipzig, Barcelona

2019: Brussels, Bejing, Nanchang, Kanton, Shanghai, Jinan, Kunming, Amsterdam 

2018: Kiev, Madrid, Brussels, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Changsha, St. Petersburg, Göttingen

2017: Grenoble, Marseille, Rennes, Brussels, Barcelona, Moscow, St. Petersburgh, Frankfurt (MaCODE/hfmdk)

2016: Paris, Helsinki Theather Academy, St. Petersburg, Donosti, Montpellier, Perpignan

2015: Helsinki, Brussels, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Frankfurt am Main, Kagoshima, Kyoto, Otemon College, Chongquin, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Paris

2014: Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Bilbao, Malaga

2013: Bremen; Helsinki Theater Academy

2012: Nazareth; Seminar Kibbutsin, Tel Aviv; Israel Contact festival; Harkov; Chisinau; Rostov on Don; Cagliary, Sardegna; Ibiza Contact Festival; Freiburg Contact festival; Altay Contact festival; Kiev Contact festival; Malaga; Brighton

2011: Buenos Aires; Florianopolis; Porto Alegre; St. Petersburg; Moscow; Rostov On Don; ”Kihinää” day, Helsinki; Freiburg; Kiev; Crimea

2010: Kiev; Odessa; Chisinau; Trans-Contact festival, Cluj-Napoca; Kiev; Crimea; Ibiza; St. Petersburg; Moscow; Ryazan; Rome; Naples; Orvieto

2009: Floreanopolis; Buenos Aires, El Bolson, Ibiza Contact festival; Altay, siberian contact festival

2008: Berlin; Moscow; St. Petersburgh; Tumen; Surgut; Kiev; Helsinki

2008 – 2018: Skiing On Skin – Finnish Contact festival

2007: Creative movement workshops for social work students

2006-2009: University Sports, part time teacher

Part of my thesis from MACoDE

Demo from the workshop on Freedom

Some lifts that I could teach.